Decorating for Christmas

Thaleia and I have been busy decorating GridExperience for the Christmas season. The following image gallery shows some of our festive areas. Feel free to come by and visit our welcome region and pick up a few freebies. We’d enjoy having you visit our grid. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

New stage and sound system

I have been working on a new sound system and stage for performers at the Welcome region on Check it out. I am looking forward to having a huge event soon to “christen” the new facility.

Resource Links

I would like to provide links to those individuals and companies that have helped me make the transition to the OpenSimulator platform and have had a positive influence on building into what it is today. Software and Networking is running on DreamGrid provided by Fred Beckhusen, avatar name Ferd Frederix. Contact Mr. Beckhusen also owns… Read More »

Welcome to

Hello and welcome to the new website. I have been working on the new site as time permitted and have finally gotten it ready to be published. I hope you find the site interesting and easy to use. If you have any problems or have suggestions about the site, please let me know. is a new… Read More »