GridExperience is a 3D virtual reality world composed of many different regions. Each region is unique offering a different experience for the user to enjoy. Experiences as varied as exploring Ancient Rome to walking the decks of the starship Enterprise are available on the seperate regions. GridExperience is running on the OpenSimulator software platform which is a lot like Second-Life™. The biggest difference between OpenSimulator and Second-Life™ is the ability for the user to travel to other grids. Hundreds of grids throughout the world are loosely interconnected into what is referred to as the hypergrid. Users can travel the hypergrid through a method called teleporting. On the hypergrid you can meet new people, explore amazing places, and participate in special events. On GridExpeience we offer a wide range of things to do such as horseback riding through an enchanted forest, racing speedboats on a huge water region, piloting a jet-ski around a tropical island, driving a race-car on a challenging track, flying a helicopter, taking a hot-air balloon ride, listening to live music, dancing as a DJ spins your favorite tunes, racing speeders on the planet Endor, and much more. The range of things that you will find to do on GridExperience and on the Hypergrid is truly amazing.


GridExperience runs on ultra-fast server hardware with a gigabit network connection and the latest ( version of the OpenSimulator software platform. Some of the major features of OpenSimulator available on GridExperience include: Varregions support · Baked on mesh support · Bento support · Animesh support · Media on a prim enabled · In-region restarts · Material support enabled · Bullet, UBODE, or Hybrid physics · Hypergrid enabled regions · Search enabled · Events calendar · Free uploads · Free groups · Vivox™ voice chat · Avatar partnering · Gloebits™ currency module · Daily backups · OARs and IARs available · ICECast™ enabled · Local and Hypergrid teleporting enabled · NPCs enabled · Birds module enabled · Environment and terrain configurable.


GridExperience is currently a private grid but our welcome region is always open. We occasionally open some of the other regions on the grid for hypergrid visitors to enjoy. Private tours of most regions on GridExperience are available upon request. Check our blog and event calendar for news of public events and open houses on GridExperience.