Welcome to GridExperience.com

Hello and welcome to the new GridExperience.com website. I have been working on the new site as time permitted and have finally gotten it ready to be published. I hope you find the site interesting and easy to use. If you have any problems or have suggestions about the site, please let me know. GridExperience.com is a new grid and is growing by the day. There are a number of regions online and available for exploration. Please feel free to come over to our home and have a look around. GridExperience.com is a private grid and is a hobby and not a commercial venture. I don’t look to make any money from the grid and it exists solely as a place to have fun and for myself and friends to learn more about the OpenSimulator platform and the hypergrid. Thanks for your interest in GridExperience.com and I hope you have fun exploring the grid and the Hypergrid as well. There are many grids out there and more coming online daily. Take care and safe travels on your journey.