In order to connect to the Hypergrid you must have a viewer and a Hypergrid access account. The following download links are provided for users interested in exploring GridExperience and the HyperGrid. There are several viewers available that allow connection to the Hypergrid as well as to Second-Lifeā„¢. Based on our own experience, having tried most of the viewers currently available, we recommend the Firestorm viewer for the best overall user experience. 


Click here to download Firestorm

The Phoenix Firestorm Project is currently active in developing the Firestorm Viewer, the successor to the now discontinued Phoenix Viewer. Firestorm Viewer is based on the Linden Lab V3 LGPL code base and has an enormous number of features, options and interface customization choices, including a look similar to its predecessor Phoenix Viewer. Firestorm is developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. Click here to download Firestorm.



Click here to download SingularityThis release comes with full support for Animesh, Bento, Bakes on Mesh, Viewer Managed Marketplace, HTTP Asset fetching, and Experiences! Since LL has turned off support for the old method of fetching assets. Liru, Shyotl, and two new additions to the team, Bittenbythedark and Router Gray, have worked really hard to restore OS X support to offer alongside 1.8.9 in an emergency mac release. Our emergency Mac release has support for everything mentioned here, and everything from previous releases, but certain random things may be buggy, it will be available soon. Click here to download Singularity.


HyperGrid Access Account

In addition to a viewer, a user account with a grid is required. Several major grids offer free user accounts including Digiworldz, Osgrid and Kitely. Once you create your user account in a major grid, you can teleport to any open grid on the hypergrid. GridExperience doesn’t offer public user account creation at this time as we simply do not have the time to offer the kind of user support that we feel is required.